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Photograph of woman on beach

Hello I am Laura and I am a Buckinghamshire based wedding

and family photographer with close links to Cornwall.

I am a people person with a cheerful disposition and a pretty positive outlook on life. One of my favourite bits about my job is getting to know you and your story. Creating connections with others is what life is all about and by doing this I pride myself in capturing those intimate, funny and truly real moments, often the moments between moments, the stuff that counts. It's a lot of fun too...I promise!

If not shooting or editing, you will very likely find me outdoors, preferably walking, for as far or as high as possible, and often in my 'second home' of Cornwall where I have close family. Connecting with nature as well as people is very important to me, and you will see that love and gratitude for the great outdoors reflected in my natural, lifestyle images. If not outside, I will be at home, feet up, tea in hand, probably watching a true crime documentary with which I have a slightly unhealthy obsession...!


That's enough about me, what about you?....Get in touch!


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